“Any time you get the opportunity to play and compete against the best, I think it’s something that everybody who is a competitor wants to do.  It’s a great challenge to go out there and, again, just focus in on taking it one pitch at a time and staying in the moment.”  Cody Bellinger

"Cody puts the Dodgers and his teammates above all else."  Manager Dave Roberts

Cody has had many great moments.  Making All Star and winning the National League Rookie of the Year in 2017 and most recently winning the 2019 National League Most Valuable Player award.

This addition to The All-Time Dodgers roster, as you may have guessed, is MVP Cody Bellinger.  Dave Hobrecht's painting is a look into a player that wears number 35 on his back but is number 1 in our hearts.  In this art, you can see why he's so loved by not just Dodger fans but by all baseball fans.  Cody has an infectious smile welcoming you into his game as well as the focus of a true competitor that only Dave can convey through the stroke of his brush.