Imagine constructing a franchise baseball team unrestricted by time or money. That’s what we have in "The All-Time" Dodgers. The end product is a book of all-time great Dodger legends at each position, selected by former Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti and painted by legendary sports artist Dave Hobrecht. The All-Time Dodgers book will provide baseball fans with a detailed look into MLB Executive Colletti's mind and Hobrecht’s unique black-and-white portraits. This collection of work is a fantastic place to launch (or continue) the debate about which all-time Dodger is truly greater and to imagine your own roster and starting lineup.                                   
  • Ex-Dodger General Manager Ned Colletti will be using his vast executive experience and knowledge, together with interviews with baseball greats, statistics, and fan participation to write the content for "The All-Time" Dodgers.
  • Sports artist Dave Hobrecht will create at least 12 original charcoal/pastel paintings over the next several months depicting Colletti’s chosen squad, as well as paintings of the managers and other chosen Dodger icons and moments.
  • Each month we will reveal a new stylish charcoal/pastel painting featuring one or more of the All-Time Dodgers. The original painting, along with wood and canvas prints, will be available to purchase on this website.
  • Each original painting will incorporate game-used relics, such as infield dirt from Dodger Stadium or a swatch of a Hall of Famer's game-used jersey.
  • The culmination of the project is a large, high-end art book authored by Ned and painted by Dave.
  • In addition to the book itself, we will be offering Limited Edition books, assorted canvas "giclée" prints, and wood-framed prints signed by the athlete and Dave Hobrecht..
Ned Colletti's words and Dave Hobrecht's art combine to create an exciting journey through Dodger history. Their book invites you to its alternate reality that tells an engaging story with Dodger legends from Zach Wheat and Jackie Robinson to Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw. The All-Time Dodgers come to life together on both paper and canvas, in unique scenes that will have us all saying, “what if . . .”