The All-Time Dodgers Art Book

The All-Time Dodgers Book - Limited Edition

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This book is a PRE-ORDER and is scheduled to be shipped out in Spring 2020. The Limited Edition is signed by both the author, Ned Colletti, and the artist, Dave Hobrecht. Only 200 of these editions will be available!

This is the culmination of Ned Colletti's All-Time Team of Dodgers and Dave Hobrecht's unique paintings all compiled into one incredible book! Immerse yourself in Colletti's mind as he explains every detail of his thought process that paved the way toward his decisions of which Dodgers were the best of the best. Legendary sports artist Dave Hobrecht also contributes his exquisite charcoal/pastel paintings to bring an unparalleled artistic quality that brings these players to life in a way you've never seen before.

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